Thursday, February 23, 2006

Apologies for our Dormancy

There hasn't been a posting in the Joshephile Post for a good while, and I am not sure that we wil come out of this state fo lethargy. Here is a brief outline of the major changes that have take place in Joshland.

-The Amerianadian War has ended. Amerianada and Americana have signed a peace treaty on February 4, 2006.

-We have accepted two new citizens

-Isengard and Mordor will not be annexed, as,. according to The Joss, the lands are full of "Stinking LOTR addicts who have no lives outside their precious ring!" One comment was made stating that "We can't take these lands because Gollum will get us" As foolish as they might sound, that is one of the reasons for not acquiring new territory in Isengard and Mordor.

Friday, January 06, 2006

War in Amerianada!

It has come to our knowledge that our most recently adopted ally, the nation of Amerianada, has entered into a state of war with the "bug nation" known as Americana. We had recieved messages of warning about Americana, but we never thought that the situation would escalate to this level of intensity. Below is a quote drawn from a communique from Amerianada to the Federation of Micronations:

"I have some bad news in Amerianada. The Bug Nation "Americana" has declared war on Amerianada. All our attempts to disband the nation andreturn citizens to the reich has failed. Mainly because they wouldturn down all offers for diplomacy. They have declared war on us. Ihope all members of the FoM will help Amerianada defeat these bugs. We serious micronations must stand together to remove bug nations, and show we are real nations, and not imaginary countries! We are either 5th or 6th world nations, not 7th. Clark Paige claims everyone in the school is a citizen of his bug nation. Everyone knows this is against the micronational code of conduct. Please declare war on these bugs please!!! We need you, I will provide updates on the war on, ANN( "

Because of Amerianada's allied status, the Kingdom will do what it can to assist the nation in its time of trouble. We will try to establish communication with the Bug Nation of Americana, and try to settle the matter diplomatically before going to war. Expect an update on the situation by next week.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Changes to the Borders

Recently, a firestorm of debate has been centered around the proposed changes to the Joshephile territory. These changes are as thus: First of all, something would have to be done about the Province of Josheton. This quote from Il Joshity makes that evident.

"Josheton is a mess. Its flag may have a fat boy on it, but it looks like a boomerang! Its so long and thin that you could cut it with the right sized sword...." (end quote)

Also, there are two unclaimed areas which The Josh has been thinking about annexing. We have not mapped the areas as of yet, but we know that one is a short sliver of land to the south of Joshland, and the other is a cubical area to the west. If they are annexed, however, they will be named, in order of mentioning, Mordor and Isengaard. Here is what The Josh had to say about the proposed territories of Isengaard and Mordor.

"I'm sure about these lands' strategic and econimic value. Oh, sure. Once we manage to get rid of the abaundant Nazgul population, they will be as good as ours." (end quote)

We will try to have more information not only on Isengaard and Mordor, but on the issue of Josheton as time passes. Please stay tuned to the Joshephile Post, the only authoritative news source for the Kingdom of Joshland.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nation of Amerianada gains Recognition Status

We have gained a new ally, the Nation of Amerianada. Although it is a suitable nation, it lacks a website, and therefore not much information could be found. All we have is this tidbit from their representative.

"Amerianada is a parliamenrtary democracy. Our three official languages are English, French and German. We worship British comedy (espically Monty Python and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) we have a 7-Man Army, 1-Man Air Force and a 0-Man Navy. Our National Anthem is "Domo Arigato Mr.Roboto" by Styx. We have claimed the room in which HO model railroad is in the basement another province. We intend to hold elections this January. Silinism is our state religion, though there is freedom of worship in Amerianada (57 out of 62 are Christain, 2 are Satanist, 1 is pagan 1 is Atheist and I am Silinist). Our flag is a Horizontal tricolour with the top stripe red. Red stands for defaince against all odds. Blue (in the middle) is our people and Green is what colour my carpet is. Our nation is founded on the tradition of Canada and Britain, despite the name being Amerianada (America and Canada)."

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Nova Terra...

We figured that things were getting a tad boring in the Kingdom of Joshland. In response, The Josh authorized the creation of this blog. It will work as a virtual newspaper, giving you the skinny on recent happenings in the Kingdom.